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Four Neighborhoods in Seaside

There are many neighborhoods in Seaside for you to consider, the City of Seaside planners have 13 mapped as distinct areas, that I like to simplify into 4 main areas. These 4 areas and there main features are:


South Seaside

In the South, the Rousch/Kimball neighborhood borders the City of Del Rey Oaks. This area runs from Del Monte Boulevard and Fremont Street up to General Jim Moore Blvd on the top of Seaside. This neighborhood includes the Pacific Heights Condo complex and many homes. A few more condo complexes are along Highland in the upper part of this area.

Upper (East) Seaside

Bordering the stunning views from General Jim Moore Blvd at the top of Seaside are the upper Seaside neighborhoods of Highland, Mescal and Del Monte Heights situated high high on the hill. This eastern part of the city is where you will find some of the most sought after properties for sale in Seaside. Some of the homes in these neighborhoods have views from the Monterey Regional Airport to Santa Cruz across the Bay.

North Seaside

On the North are the neighborhoods of Ord Grove, Ord Terrace and Seaside Highlands. The manicured newer neighborhood of Seaside Highlands is adjacent to the stunning ocean side greens and popular dining facilities at the Bayonet and Blackhorse golf courses. Ord Grove and Ord Terrace border the lands of the former military base of Fort Ord, which has transformed into an education hub as the home of California University Monterey Bay, Monterey College of Law, which conducts part time and evening classes and is the alma mater for many of Monterey’s lawyers and judges. It is also home to Chartwell School for children with learning differences. 

Central Seaside

Central Seaside business district between Del Monte Blvd. and Fremont is anchored by the newly renovated Broadway core with new streets, sidewalks and infrastructure. New businesses are moving in and others are in planning. This area includes the neighborhoods of Terrace, Noche Buena, Olympia and Hannon.

More about Seaside

How Seaside Developed


Formerly known as Rancho Noche Buena, Seaside’s earliest use was farm and grazing land. In 1887, Dr. John Roberts, the “Father off Seaside”, subdivided his 150 acres into 25′ X 75′ lots to create his town he called “East Monterey,” and was later re-named “Seaside.” His intent was to provide a resort similar to Pacific Grove for people trying to escape the heat of the San Joaquin Valley. In the early 1900’s other landowners followed suit, subdividing their land into smaller lots. Seaside did not become a city until 1954, after which construction and infrastructure improvements quickly grew Seaside into the place it is today. 

Why We Love Living in Seaside CA — You Will Too

Living in Seaside gives you the freedom to enter and leave from different access points to avoid traffic jams and slowdowns. We have immediate access to Highway 1 and the north bay toward Santa Cruz, San Jose and San Francisco/SFO or inland eastward to Salinas and Highway 101 up to Gilroy or down through the fertile Salinas Valley to Paso Robles, Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles. Even better it is a short 10 minute drive from anywhere in Seaside to the Monterey Regional Airport with connections to Denver and other connection hubs. 

Seaside is Close to Everything

Seaside, CA Restaurants, Shopping, & Attractions

Seaside has everything going for it right here. Combined with the small enclave of Sand City , which is within the same 93955 zip code, Seaside is the community on the Monterey Peninsula that you will not have to leave to find whatever you need. I sat down to make a list to share with you all of my favorite local places and surprised myself at how many there are!


Monterey County Weekly

5-Stars: Seaside ResidentMay 2017: “After moving here two years ago with my partner, we fell in love. The neighborhoods are family oriented, the restaurants are local and diverse, the people are varied and all passionate about their community.”

5Stars: Seaside Resident, June 2018: ” What I like about Seaside is how tight knit the community is. Seaside is a very calm beach town and it has a lot of delicious restaurants.”

A+ Rating Seaside Livability for Amenities: “There are lots of amenities in Seaside including 20 parks inclus=ding nature preserves  and small neighborhood parks, 20 schools both public and private from pre-school through high school including CSUMB in the north part of Seaside, and MPC a brief drive down Fremont street to Monterey, and the large Seaside Public Library. Public transportation reaches all neighborhoods in Seaside and all towns near and as far away as Santa Cruz, Salinas, San Jose and Big Sur. Shopping, groceries and businesses of every sort including the Sand City Mall and big box stores, fine dining, casual dining, and coffee shops everywhere, and more than a dozen fitness centers of all types.”

Hotels, Motels and Resorts

Visitors enjoy the reasonable rates at Seaside’s Embassy Suites, Holiday Inn and Hilton as well as many chain and local motels when in town to attend events and visit the beach. There are numerous hookups for friends and family visiting in RVs. Monterey Bay Shores ia an eco-friendly resot currently under construction beween the beach and Highway 1 just north of Sand City that will provide environmentally safe activities, a wellness spa, hotel rooms, residences and local jobs.

First Time Buyers and Young Families

Many young couples and families who work locally buy their first home in Seaside as the more affordable option on the Central Coast compared to home prices in Pacific Grove, Monterey, Pebble Beach, and Carmel. With energy and a DIY work ethic, younger buyers have renovated entire blocks of older homes with new flooring, modern kitchens and bathrooms, slights, and energy efficient windows. Move in ready housing inventory is also available at costs that are still reasonable, and with house values continuing to rise, buying a first home in Seaside is an excellent investment.

Historically Diverse and Proud Seaside Community

Seaside is both historically and currently an ethnically diverse city with an inspiring story of multi-racial population living together, first as a military town, and then in its post-military boom that forms the current vibrant character of a unique city. 

Although its middle class white founders envisioned Seaside as a resort destination, World War 1 established Fort Ord as a training base for soldiers stationed at the Presidio of Monterey. The 1930’s Dust Bowl drought sent desperate migrants to Seaside for work in the canneries, and World War 11 greatly increased the Seaside population with soldiers and their families, many of whom were well educated back, Filipino and mixed race.

During the Civil Rights movement years, Seaide offered opportunities that were unavailable for black citizens elsewhere in the U.S., as activists, along with the wives of black servicemen, quickly built coalitions with whites, Hispanics and Asians, and were elected as mayors and members of the city council, and received appointments as city managers, school board members and administrators. They integrated schools and embraced an early urban model of the politics of inclusion.

From the 1980’s onward, Seaside’s demographics transformed again as skilled Hispanic workers and their families moved into the neighborhood. In recent years , hundreds of foreign language instructors and their families from over 40 countries that span the globe have found home in Seaside. It is truly a “model United Nations” with nearly 30{3f2c2d314704580434a2fd757546831d9e3900227de37cb55d09725bf2757154} of its population born in another country, and who, along with U.S. born Seasiders, continue the city’s proud tradition of inclusion and cooperation.

International Residents- the “Language Capital of the World”

A few years ago , the City of Monterey quite fittingly declared itself to be the “language Capital of the World” and Hosts an annual celebration as the home of the worlds largest foreign language school, the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center with a faculty of 1,700 professors and instructors of 26 world languages. All of the 3,000+ students of this accredited community college located on the Presidio of Monterey Army base specialize as military linguists, and their teachers come from more than 50 countries of the world. Additionally, the Middlebury Institute of International Studies teaches foreign languages and non-proliferation studies. Many teachers from every corner of the earth buy homes in Affordable Seaside, creating a world melting pot of culture and education that is both inspiring for residents and a cultural model that the United Nations would envy.

Seaside-CA-Realtor-CSUMB-93955.jpg CSUMB campus is convieniently located near affordable Seaside CA homes for sale

Casual  Dining


*Mals Market

*Five Guys Burgers

*Wing Stop

*The Oven Pizzeria

*Papa Chevos


* Chopstix Vietnamese Restaurant

*Breakfast Club

*Googie Grill

*Saritas Mexican Restuarant

*Habit Burger

Fine Dining

*Gusto’s-handmade pasta

*Haromi Sushi

*Stammtisch-home style German Cuisine 


*Grocery Outlet



*Smart & Final

*Local ethnic grocers

Big Box Retailers





*Office Depot

*Home Goods

Home Improvement & Gardening

*Home Depot

*Orchard Supply

*Seaside Garden Center

Del Rey Oaks Garden Center

College Students — Youth, Military, Adult Learners and Seniors

You’ll find some of your neighbors are college students renting rooms in Seaside, military families setting up home on the Peninsula, and senior residents who relive-long learners, all of whom attend one of the many colleges and institutes for higher education including, Monterey College of Law, California State University Monterey Bay, with its extension campus of the Other LifelongLearning Institute in Seaside. Others attend Hartnell College in nearby Salinas, Monterey Peninsula College and the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in downtown Monterey, while military students attend Monterey’s  Naval Postgraduate Schooland the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center. These colleges create an education Mecca for higher learning Monterey County, and all of these campuses are easily accessible within 5-10 minutes of driving and are also served by an excellent bus system.

Retirees Who Love Coastal Living

Seaside has so much to offer retirees with affordable homes for sale from modest to luxurious. The year-round senior programs at the Oldemeyer Center with recreation, dances, support, nutrition programs, exercise programs and excursions all over the Peninsula. The center’s “Senior Buzz” newsletter announces all the current services and activities, that can also be found in their Activities Guide. It’s easy for who are new to Seaside to make new friends, take a class or learn new crafts at the Oldemeyer Center, or sign up at nearby CSUMB for their current class offerings at the Other Lifelong Learning Institute. 

The Sunniest Climate in the Monterey Area

If its sunny anywhere on the peninsula – it’s sunny in Seaside and Del Rey Oaks. The fog and wet mist often found in other nearby coastal cities is much rarer and clears here first!

A+ Rating Seaside Livability for Weather: “Seaside, Sand City and Del Rey Oaks enjoy the best weather on the Monterey Peninsula with the sunniest and clearest skies and beaches. It largely misses the dense coastal fog that settles over Monterey and Pacific Grove and the grey skies in Marina.”

★★★★★ My wife and I used Matt as our agent to purchase a second home in Pacific Grove. I am familiar with the area but only enough to love it but not to understand the many separate and inter-related communities. On my numerous appointments with Matt he choose homes that fit what we were looking for. I had him cover a larger area than PG, he is always prepared for our day. The only reason it took me awhile to find the perfect home was the learning curve for me to understand what was really important to my wife and I. Once I defined that we made a wonderful purchase. Love the area and am thankful to Matt for his guidance.

Tom J.

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Kathleen L.

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Nancy P.

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Megan L.

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